This is the thirteenth addition of the Euros and the second since it was expanded to 16 teams. The competition was originally supposed to be hosted in 2021 but was delayed due to the rescheduling of the 2020 Euros and the 2020 Olympic games. Due to Russia being banned from the competition Portugal was given their place. This had no impact on the groups due to Russia and Portugal qualifying for the same pot. It is the second time that England are hosting the Euros with the first being in 2005.

The matches are being hosted at a number of different stadiums throughout England. There have been complaints due to none of the stadiums being located in the north east. Also the stadium size has brought some criticism due to some of the stadiums having reduced capacity due to standing being banned. The Etihad Academy Stadium for example has been limited to a capacity of 4,700. 

The competition has sold over double the amount of tickets as the last Euros. The prize money is also double what it was at the last Euros at €16 million in total.

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