WJPS TeamSteven Lee joined WJP Software Limited in December 2015 for a 12 month graduate placement as a Junior Developer funded by Hambleton District Council. He joined directly from university and this was his first full time job in a professional business environment. Starting with a good grounding in computer science, he has learnt how to apply this theory in a real world environment and to expand his technical skill base through on the job training and tuition.

His day to day tasks involve helping to develop and support the systems WJPS offer to their NHS and Higher Education customers. Being part of a smaller organisation, he has been able to see all aspects of the business and has a good understanding of how an SME operates when working with large corporate and commercial clients. He has been involved in the development of the organisation over the last 4 months and actively been involved in their ISO 27001 accreditation.

WJPS are committed to Stevens’s growth, as part of Steven’s contract he is given up to half a day a week to improve his technical skills through a range of online courses, self-learning and tutorial sessions.

One area where Steven has really been inspirational is in using his background skills, both technical and design orientated, to develop design and aesthetic skills within the business. This has allowed WJPS to develop more visually appealing products for their customers whilst still providing a technically sound product. Steven has also been able to use his photography skills to capture images and time lapses of Bedale and the surrounding areas for use on the Bedale Town Council website project.

Stevens work and ability to pick up new concepts quickly has allowed WJPS to move forward more quickly than expected and allow them to improve their products and range of support in other areas. Steven has also been able to understand, and now uses, the frameworks and methodologies that are embedded within the business. This makes him an invaluable resource and hopefully one that can grow with the business over the coming years.

 During the short period he has been with the company, Manager James has seen his interpersonal skills develop hugely and he is now more comfortable working either with developers in a highly technical environment or with admin staff in a more personal environment. Steven worked closely with Jo, Technical Administrator at WJPS to refresh the website soon after joining. He was able to look at the web presence with a fresh pair of eyes, whilst helping to provide Jo with the training needed for her to be able to update content on the site. This was a great example of where Steven seamlessly moved between the technical and personal work environment and used his skills to pass on knowledge.

James Proctor, from WJPS said: “Steven has showed his dedication to the business from day one, by always being keen to learn and be involved in all aspects of the business. He has also been exposed to client meetings, user group conferences, onsite visits and installations where he has always maintained a professional and approachable manner. During these visits he has had a hands on approach helping with the task in hand, and presenting product demonstrations. All of which have been new to Steven, but he has taken them in his stride and it has helped him to improve his confidence.”

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